FREEFALL // #LaborDayWeekend #FreefallTakeover - ATLANTA || @FreefallSeries (2013)


Man, I’m so full right now.  And very proud of my talented cast and BAND of ARTISTS partners (Jared, Geno and Casinova).

We have been planning this weekend for months.  For a while now, people have been wondering why we haven’t been promoting the show much.  Well, the answer to that is…we’ve been filming!  Our concentration has been to succesfully complete our 10-episode first season.  Now we are officially in promotion mode and what better place to kick things off than the FREEFALL home base: Atlanta!

In Atlanta for Labor Day Weekend, the cast and crew started things off Friday night with a VIP appearance at The Museum Bar courtesy of Rockstar Productions (Shout out to Juju!).  


Saturday night was a jam-packed appearance at the beautiful AJA Restaurant and Lounge on Lenox Ave. (Shout out to Warren Huntley!!  We love working with you, brother!) where we met some awesome fans and took lots of pictures!  


We finally got home around 4am with very little time to sleep before waking up and meeting our driver to take us to our very first premiere screening.  We screened brand new episodes at the really cool Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.  We had such an awesome turnout and the theatre staff was awesome (Shout out to Stephen and our homegirl Monica)!  


After taking hundreds of pictures on our red carpet, we jetted off to a private cast brunch at Einsteins.  After brunch, the cast was finally able to catch up on some sleep before linking back up Sunday night for a final Labor Day appearance at Freight Depot!  

Shout out to all of our friends and supporters!  Now, let’s take this show on the road!  Have you heard…it’s a #FreefallTakeover!!!

Until next time…

@lamontpierré  // writer.director.producer

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